Explore Hydrangeas!

Below you will find a wealth of hydrangea resources to help you succeed with these incredible plants in your own garden.

Click on any of the guides below for a high-quality Image or PDF, as well as a version you can print and read at home.

The Hardy Hydrangea Size Guide – great for understanding which hydrangea will fit where in the landscape.

Why isn’t My Hydrangea Blooming – a guide to some of the most common reasons your hydrangea may not be blooming, as well as advice to get your hydrangea flowering.  

Hydrangeas Demystified – a full guide to everything hydrangeas, from basic care to common myths.

A New Vision for Hardy Hydrangeas – A booklet with info on new hydrangea breeds, as well as what makes them great. 

Mopheads vs. Lacecaps – A simple guide for identifying the differences between two of the most popular breeds of hydrangea.

The How-To Series – Our series of videos on how to prune and care for many of the most popular hydrangeas on the market.