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Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon

Rich blue summer flowers. The Chiffon®series of rose of Sharon is distinguished by its elegant habit, floriferous nature, and anemone-like double blooms. Blue Chiffon® rose of Sharon brings an always-popular true blue to the line. Low seed set and long blooming.

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Ready to grow a gorgeous garden? Start with these top award-winning annuals, perennials, and shrubs which are ready to flourish in your containers and landscape. Retailers across North America are stocking up on all of the National Plants of the Year for 2020.

National Plants of the Year are selected by these criteria:

  • Easy to Grow – It shouldn’t take an expert to grow beautiful flowers.
  • Outstanding in containers and landscapes – Delivers a knockout performance in containers and landscapes.
  • Readily Available – Easy to find locally or online.
  • Iconic – Possesses an iconic style and performance unmatched by lookalikes

Why Proven Winners?

Proven Winners ColorChoice Flowering Shrubs are bred, tested and selected to bring you more success with less effort. From longer bloom times and easy-care petite sizes to lush foliage and grand blossoms on sturdy stems, the most enviable gardens begin with our distinctive white pot.